onsdag 31 oktober 2012

Review: Hitech Miniatures Giant Panzer Wolf "Vilk"

The Blood Angel is for size comparison. 
First reaction upon laying eyes on the package and realising the size of that thing is best described with a "WHOA!". It is quite impressive. Now if you really want to talk about the elephant in the room then yes, giant bionic wolves in space are beyond b-grade hilarious. Sweeping the elephant elegantly under the rug to make room for the giant bionic wolf in space, I'll be taking a closer look at it after the break. Hit "read more/läs mer" to get the full review.

måndag 29 oktober 2012

Guide för magnetisering

Då jag själv inte lagt upp en egen guide än tänkte jag länka till några bra guider här:

Först och främst - en enkel guide för att skapa ett billigt och väldigt användbart verktyg som jag rekommenderar till alla som tänkt magnetisera:
Magnetising self-help från bloggen Iron Legion

Magnetizing a Predator Tank av Munky. En bra allmän guide för fordon.
Magnetising the space marine STC En guide från bloggen From The Warp

Magnetising: space marine dreadnought En guide från bloggen From The Warp
Magnetising - The Right Way! En guide från bloggen MiniWarGaming
Magnetising Space Marines En guide av Kirby Enthusiasm
Magnetising Miniatures av Elmir på Heresy Online forumet

Magnetisering av baser/movement trays:
Magnetising Warhammer Fantasy Miniatures 1/2 Youtube video

söndag 28 oktober 2012

måndag 1 oktober 2012

Review: Evolution Miniatures Stalker 54mm

If you are a gamer and lover of RPG style stuff you should be aware of the game "Stalker" and it's sequels and prequels of which this character is based on. Judging from some of the art I'd say it's from "Stalker: Clear Sky" specifically. The original story is set in the "Zone" which is a hostile environment that spawns many anomalies. A Stalker is a person who knows how to negotiate this treacherous zone and survive.

The game itself is based on the movie Сталкер (Stalker) by Andrej Tarkovskij which is based on the book "Stalker" which is based on a movie script adaptation of the short novel "Roadside Picknick". Phew... Glad we got that out of the way...

Being made 1979 the movie is indeed old in terms of, well, everything yet it is nonetheless visually striking and powerful if you have the patience for the slowburning type of stuff. Some declare this being one of the great must-see films.
While it's based on a sci-fi premise it's the kind of allegorical movie that has more interesting implications than the immediate ones on display. It's practically the opposite of Prometheus: It promises very little yet delivers more. This is however not a movie review and I suspect those of you who are interested will either look it up anyway or already know about it so I better get on with the good stuff.

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