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Review: Evolution Miniatures Stalker 54mm

If you are a gamer and lover of RPG style stuff you should be aware of the game "Stalker" and it's sequels and prequels of which this character is based on. Judging from some of the art I'd say it's from "Stalker: Clear Sky" specifically. The original story is set in the "Zone" which is a hostile environment that spawns many anomalies. A Stalker is a person who knows how to negotiate this treacherous zone and survive.

The game itself is based on the movie Сталкер (Stalker) by Andrej Tarkovskij which is based on the book "Stalker" which is based on a movie script adaptation of the short novel "Roadside Picknick". Phew... Glad we got that out of the way...

Being made 1979 the movie is indeed old in terms of, well, everything yet it is nonetheless visually striking and powerful if you have the patience for the slowburning type of stuff. Some declare this being one of the great must-see films.
While it's based on a sci-fi premise it's the kind of allegorical movie that has more interesting implications than the immediate ones on display. It's practically the opposite of Prometheus: It promises very little yet delivers more. This is however not a movie review and I suspect those of you who are interested will either look it up anyway or already know about it so I better get on with the good stuff.

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Disclaimer for the sake of transparancy:
  1. I bought this figure --> Noone has paid me for my opinions
  2. I reserve the right to be biased;)
  3. I got this figure through an auction, and just realised I did not get the base with wall that comes with it so I am only reviewing the figure part of the kit.
  4. My camera is a Konica Minolta Dimage something with 4MP from 2004 and has a lot of issues.

Evolution Miniatures

I have to start off by saying the details on this figure are highly impressive! The figure is sculpted by Sergey Traviansky (Menelay) and manufactured by Evolution Miniatures. I don't know much about Evolution Miniatures other than them being a Russian Company and specialising in 1:48 scale and larger military figures in resin. It's quite fitting that they made a figure of "Stalker".

Box art comprises a photo of the figure.

I'd be interested to know more about how the licensing works in Russia as there have been plenty of cool produts that have not reached the "West" on what I suspect are licensing issues. As far as I am aware Evolution Miniatures only seem to have this figure and it's companion piece "Stalker - Beginning" that have any sort of media connections. If this miniature is indicative of the quality I'd love to try some more figures from their range even though my preference is usually within the realm of the fantastical (anything unreal regardless of setting).

"Stalker - Beginning"

Contents and Size

Note: I am missing a base with a wall section and a type of canister that might have been integral to the base.
  • Figure body
  • Left arm
  • Right arm
  • Rifle with hands
  • A small length of wire (I have no idea what that is intended for)
  • A hose to connect his mask to his backpack.
  • A radio 
  • A regulator for the canister that is missing

My box is missing the base and wall section (got it second hand)

The few figures I own in 54mm scale seem smaller than this one, or disproportionate in comparison. This figure is very realistic and I dare say that being geared towards realism I feel the scale is quite accurately depicted at 1/32 with the Stalker being around 60mm tall.

Approximate sizing - square is 5mm

Quality and Details

The smaller parts are neatly attached to three sprue parts. Having inspected them the casting looks really good in terms of quality and alignment. It does seem like someone very capable made the molds and the casting as well. Although a little cleanup is required, it looks like a cinch.

The smaller pieces

The main figure body has a seamline that is way smaller than on many 28mm figures which I think says heaps about the quality of this figure. It will require some very lighthanded work in some places as the resin is really thin where it should be; the figure is a marvel in realism in terms of sculpting in scale. The fabrics look like fabric with realistic folds and seams and all the flaps on the backpack and pockets are impossibly thin. This makes for an awesome figure, but also makes it rather fragile. The hood especially is so thin that it's seethrough in some places if held up against the light and might actually require some filling. This of course is a trade-off and I must say I am impressed overall as some of the details are so fine that the standard is comparable to or perhaps even better than Studio Mcvey limited resins.

Mr Stalker striking an armless pose

Awesome backpack that is larger on the inside...(pun)
A tiny piece of the leg pocket flap is missing 
the risk of having ultra detailed thin and realistic details.
Just look at those shoelaces... Unreal,
and with that I mean they are Überreal.
This shows you how thin the hood is.
How do they demold this kit?


The average 54mm Evolution Miniature is actually cheaper than the average Studio McVey limited resin so you are getting a pretty good deal if you pick up one of these guys.


  • Pricing: 8/10 The price varies depending on where you get it, but it seems to be just under £13 excluding shipping (complete with base and wall etc).
  • Quality: 8/10 It's not perfect but really really good.
  • Sculpting: 10/10 It just does not get better than this.
  • Pose: 9/10 It's very much in tone with the character and setting, kind of cautiously lurking.
  • Overall: 9/10 A Fantastic figure regardless if you are Post-apoc fan or not.

Final Verdict

If you like WW2 minis and Modern Warfare minis - Evolution Miniatures is a nobrainer. If you are into Movie, Fantasy and Sci-Fi style figures their range is very limited, but if you like this figure do not hesitate - Get it!

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